A Safe Space arts projects


One of the things I’ll be trying to achieve with A Safe Space is to use it to start some interesting art works, on my own and in collaboration with others. I am trying to find ways to use my own creativity to help me recover from, or at least help fight, my depression. I’m not particularly interested in either a version of misery memoirs and to produce lots of work that I tell you all about how hard my life is, nor any ‘diving with dolphins’ work – the kind of cod spiritual ambient all is good stuff that becomes so safe to become insipid and lacking any kind of emotion.

I want to create work that touches people emotionally, that maybe creates a space of contemplation, that has shades and layers of emotion. We’ll see I guess, but I will at least do my very best to make honest work, so some might be upbeat and some downbeat, some inbetween.

I am currently looking at how technology can be used to create, I’m very excited about how the new generation of tablets can be used to make art, and especially music. I will not be trying to become a music or art therapist – this is a very skilled and specific type of work, but I will be looking at how creativity can be therapeutic. There’s a huge difference between the two, sometimes missed too easily and in my mind dangerously by some artists. As I’ve stated on other bits of the blog this is very much a personal journey I am sharing with you and I’m not wanting to sell you my own brand of snake oil, trust your own instincts about what might be useful to your own situation. If you are having a bad time please consult a professional mental health worker.

So please keep an eye out for A Safe Space projects – if you would like to try some collaborative work with me, have ideas for work or would just like to chew the fat about creativity and music and art and technology and mental health issues please drop me a line. My main interests are music, moving image and photography but would love to work with other disciplines.

Let’s see where the journey can take us…..


March 2011 – FON Air (A Safe Space radio show)


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