The Comforter – Submarine by Peter Astor

A proposed series of posts about tracks that have helped myself and others through difficult times. A bit like ‘Our Tune’ I guess….So to start the ball rolling…

Submarine by Peter Astor

This always reminds me of when I was really ill with neuralgia and being off work for 7 months, I worked in the shipyard in Barrow, building submarines and living in the flats on Barrow Island with my girlfriend. The neuralgia caused the most astounding pain – I had Right Trigeminal Neuralgia to give it it’s Sunday name – and was often found with my head about 3 inches from the gas fire to try and stop the pain, a bizarre thing but it kind of worked.

The medication (Carbamazepine) I was on didn’t really shift the neuralgia but gave me a list of side effects like loss of balance (as in I would just fall over a lot),  I was liable to burst into tears at any point, drowsiness after taking them, until the pain came back after a short time. It really was a horrible time – having a combination of headache, toothache (all teeth), and the rest of the right side of my face very sore to the touch.

So this song became one I came back to quite a lot in this period – I was unsure of going out much in case I either started being in too much pain, or I’d fall over or burst into tears, the sentiment of the song just fitted my general low mood – I was pretty suicidal for chunks of the time I was ill, but tracks like this always let you know there’s other’s out there, that you are not alone. This may sound cheesy to say but it’s true – I still feel a warm glow when I hear this song and that I eventually recovered, it took quite a while as my depression was triggered as another side effect of the medication.

Full lyrics copyright Peter Astor

I’ve done all that I can do…
I feel like I could sleep for several years.
I’m drinking in these lazy days,
Trying to make the real world disappear.
Reading through the afternoon,
I can lose the ache of what to do.

I stay inside
Where I can dream.
No one can touch me
In my submarine.

Like a river running by my door…
I sit and watch the traffic flow.
I see people traveling,
Going where I don’t have to go.
And I know my money’s all run out,
But that’s something that I can’t think about

I stay inside
Where I can dream.
No one can touch me
In my submarine.

Late at night when I can’t sleep,
I go outside into the yard
And listen to the factories
Humming underneath the stars.
And when the sky turns a dirty red,
That’s the time that I go back to bed.

I stay inside
Where I can dream.
No one can touch me
In my submarine.

If you have a track that is a great comfort to you and would like it to be featured on the blog please contact me at with a link to the track on youtube etc and a small piece of writing that tells us why you find the track comforting. There’s no payment only the knowledge that you might have helped someone somewhere to find something that might comfort them during a difficult time.


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