Welcome to A Safe Space

View from Arnside over Morecambe BayThis blog is a personal journey for me, it’s about my ongoing fight against depression, social anxiety and trying to make a living as a musician and community artist and living with mental health problems in the wider world.

All thoughts are my own and are personal reflections about my own situation – I’m happy to communicate with people but if you have any kind of mental health issue go see your doctor, or find a local organisation that can help, I’m a service user at my local MIND – check their site for your local center in the UK – if you live elsewhere check the internet for help, there’s lot’s of people out their to help.

Or if this seems like hard work try telling friends, it really is nothing to be ashamed of – I have found such a great support network since I started being much more open about the issues I have, and also found so many other people that have similar problems.

I hope that some of the stuff that goes up on the blog will be useful to people – I’ll try to focus on positive ways forward I find, how obstacles present themselves and solutions I find and not too much on the details of my depression. I’m wanting this process to be of a positive outlook even if I’m dealing with heavy things.

If you have any thoughts about anything covered let me know, or if you have an idea about what the blog could cover again let me know.

Here’s to us all – we’re all we have – and that’s enough

Love xx



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